We commonly hear the terms power washing and pressure washing being made use of conversely. But are they really the very same thing? Or are they totally separate? It may seem a bit complicated, but we’re here to help clear points up, once and for all.

The short answer is this: they coincide, but different! (Don’t stress, the longer answer is a whole lot more valuable.).

The standard function is the same: they both use highly pressurized water to help remove dust and various other substances from tough surface areas. While they are really similar procedures, there are some key distinctions that establish just how you utilize each solution. Recognizing these distinctions will certainly help you figure out which service you in fact need to help get your residence looking fresh and clean once again.

The Distinction Between Power Washing vs a Pressure Washing.

As far as the water pressure is concerned, they both use similar quantities of pressure. How much pressure really just relies on the kind of equipment; a household machine will not provide as much power as an industrial machine.

If we’re speaking purely regarding the sorts of the machines, there is one key element that differentiates a power washer from a pressure washer: a heating element. Both machines develop a powerful stream of high-pressure water, however, a power washer additionally heats up the water. This may feel like a tiny difference, but it really makes a huge difference in how each is utilized.

What is Power Washing?

A power washer utilizes a high-pressure stream of very hot water to blast away gunk and substances from outside surfaces. The combination of high pressure and the temperature level of the water makes it better at removing all those undeniably stuck on products from surfaces. It’s wonderful for eliminating remains like salt, mildew, and mold from outdoor patio areas, decks, driveways, and even more. The added temperature additionally makes it especially good at eliminating things like chewing gum from sidewalks. Power washing is also incredibly great for handling oil discolorations on driveways or garage floors.

It’s additionally valuable for helping to control weeds and moss— the powerful blast of hot water can kill them and stop them from growing back immediately. Power washing is optimal for any type of scenario where the surface is heavily saturated or has a great deal of dirt or various other matter to clean off. Basically, power washing is the more heavy-duty alternative.

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is what you’ve probably used at your house previously. It makes use of the very same high-pressure water blast as power washing but doesn’t utilize heated water. This regular temperature water still does a remarkable job at blasting away filth but does not do as well versus moss, mold, or various other tough stuck-on substances. It still does an impressive job, but could not be able to remove tough discolorations on concrete.

Particular Application Best Fitted Based on the Job.

So, now that you recognize the major differences between power washing and pressure washing, it’s time to figure which one you need for your house. Which approach you utilize depends totally on the task.

For regular household usage, pressure washing is the way to go. It’s much less harsh on surfaces, which makes it perfect for usage on things like stonework, brick, and concrete. This is what you want to rely on when you’re seeking to give your deck or patio area a quick clean.

For any kind of larger tasks, like a huge business area or an additional huge driveway and patio space, go with power washing. The warmed water usually helps to make the job go much faster since the heat helps to loosen up the filth. For that same reason, though, you have to take care of which surface areas you use it on. It’s best to stay with concrete and various other tough surface areas when power washing, since the force of the hot water can do damage to softer surface areas.

Whichever kind of cleaning approach you decide to do, keep in mind that it’s always best to work with an expert to take care of it for you. If you’re not appropriately trained on how to use a pressure washer or power washer, you can end up damaging the surface you’re working with. It’s far better to be safe than sorry! If you are in need of a professional pressure washing, give Brown’s Pressure Washing a call! 912-226-2226