Pressure washing regularity will depend upon the type of siding you have and the condition of the exterior siding. Typically, pressure washing is not essential unless the house siding has considerable mold or grime accumulation. However, homes in areas that have a lot of plant pollen or where the soffits become plagued with cobwebs are good candidates for yearly power washing.

Homeowners with vinyl, metal, or composite siding should pressure wash their homes yearly. If you have wood house siding, we recommend you pressure wash just when you have dirt or mildew build-up, unless you make use of very mild pressure to wash away plant pollen or cobwebs on an annual basis.

Ideal Time to Pressure Wash Your Home

Late springtime, after the plant pollen has calmed down, is the ideal time to pressure wash your home. Since pressure washing needs closely examining your house’s siding, it’s also a great time to examine the exterior of your house for rot, bug invasions, and also locations that require focus.

The Hazards of Pressure Washing a Property

Pressure washing can be too much of a good thing. While the instant satisfaction of viewing a pressure washer blast away dirt is satisfying, you need to exercise care to prevent fracturing plastic house siding, nicking aluminum exterior siding, blasting away unintended paint, tainting the timber, or forcing water into locations it doesn’t belong. Constantly use the proper nozzle, keep your distance with the wand, and change the pressure setting to the minimum needed to clean.

Always talk to the home siding manufacturer for the finest pressure washing methods. Some manufacturers even suggest avoiding it entirely and utilizing a delicate bristle brush instead, cleaning the house siding with moderate detergent and water and washing it off with the garden hose.

Pressure Washing to Prepare for Paint

Along with various other preparation techniques, specialist pressure washing siding is an excellent, highly effective method to thoroughly prep your residence for an exterior paint job. As long as it’s suggested for your type of exterior siding, pressure washing is available as part of our solution. Call us today for a free pressure washing quote: 912-226-2226